Virtual Exhibition: Share and Show Your Innovation to All Around the World

Malang. After the participants had joined the Live interview on the second day, they shared their innovation through a virtual exhibition by Artsteps application on the third day, Friday, September 18th. This exhibition was not only visited by the participants but also the general audience who accessed it on I3F Website. They could communicate with each other between the author and the visitors through Youtube comment that the video’s link was embedded in the poster.

“The exhibition is the main agenda of this event after the Live Interview. In a live interview, they show their innovation to the judges. They will get feedback and know how to improve their innovation better. Meanwhile, the exhibition is a place where they can show their innovation to a larger audience. Innovation, indeed, should share and spread through the academics and the world. So, it can bring an impact on the development of Science and Technology,” said Dinda Noer Nazilah Ulfah as a Project Leader of The Third Indonesia International Invention Festival (I3F) 2020.

The exhibition used the Artstep application because it has many advantages. As a creator and designer of the Virtual Exhibition, Alby Aruna explained several reasons why he used the Artstep Application for the innovation exhibition in I3F 2020. 

“Artstep Application has a complete interior design that easy to create. There are also many template design options provided. On the other hand, it is also simple and using a little amount of bandwidth. Artstep also has a friendly user interface, easy to use by the audience,” said Alby Aruna after the exhibition.

Written by Ulya Aziza Fitriya

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