International Seminar: Be Productive during Covid-19 Pandemic

Malang. The last agenda before Awarding Ceremony in Indonesia International Invention Festival (I3F) 2020 was International Seminar. This agenda was held through Zoom Application and also streaming through AKIA Youtube Channel. The main theme of this seminar was brought up because of Covid-19 pandemic, How to be productive during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Two keynote speakers in this seminar were from the expertise of the medical field. They are Arrundina Puspita Dewi, M.Psi., Psikolog (a clinical psychologist) and Dr Tishan Gunasegaran (a medical doctor). 

The agenda was held for almost two hours on Saturday afternoon, September 19th in AKIA Studio, Malang City. It was started at 03.30 pm and finished at 05.30 pm. The seminar was opened by the speech from the first speaker, Arrundina Puspita Dewi. She talked about mental health, because in this quarantine during the pandemic, most people feel stressed and depressed. So, through this speech, the speaker hoped it could help the audience manage and face their stressed. 

“It is okay not to be okay. When you feel stressed, identify and find what problem that makes you stress, what thing that makes you feel like that. Don’t worry; it is okay. After that, appreciate yourself, it is important. Manage your stress, and all will be fine,” said her.  

The second speaker, Dr Tishan Gunasegaran, more talked about innovation, how to innovate something even though during this pandemic. Because his background is health field, he explained about innovation in the health field. It is also one of the fields that I3F provided to exhibit. After the seminar, the speaker hopes that the audience can use their time effectively and productively. So, there will not be a regret. 

Written by Ulya Aziza Fitriya

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