Enjoying Bromo, Tengger and Semeru Trip Virtually

Malang. The Third Indonesia International Invention Festival (I3F) 2020 was stepped on the last day; it was Saturday, September 19th. On that day, three agendas were held from the morning, afternoon, and evening. The first agenda in the morning was Virtual City Tour, the second was the International Seminar, and the evening agenda was Awarding Ceremony. The Virtual City Tour was held through Zoom Application with more than 80 participants. The virtual traveling tour guide, Autorin, guided them from 10.00 am – 00.20 pm. 

“By joining this virtual city tour, we hope that the participants can imagine and enjoy the trip to Bromo, Tengger, and Semeru virtually. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not allowed to make a trip directly. It is an effort to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus among society. So, to follow the government’s policy, but still can make a trip to refresh our mind, we have an idea to make it online. So, we build cooperation with Autorin Virtual Traveling Tour Guide. They provide it by arranging the schedule, showing the view, and explaining the Bromo trip,” said Nabil Ichlasul as a Manager of Event in the I3F 2020 committee.

Autorin Virtual Traveling Tour Guide leaded participants to enjoy the trip. They were on a virtual trip for three days. The main trip is on the second day; they were lead to the Lava View Lodge Hotel, and after that, they were gathered at Seruni Point. After all of the participants gathered, they went to Warung Bukit Kingkong, Cemorolawang, and Bukit Cinta Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru. They enjoyed the view of that hill for a moment, and after that, they went to Savana Hill. The most famous place that should be visited when traveling the Bromo is Teletubbies Hill Bromo and Pasir Berbisik. The next destination was Gunung Widodaren and Pura Luhur Bromo. 

During the virtual city tour, the tour guide explained more information about the destination. They shared not only the introduction of the place, but also its culinary, its history, and what iconic in that place is. All hope that this pandemic will end soon so that we can visit Bromo Tengger and Semeru directly. 

Written by: Ulya Aziza Fitriya

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