Awarding Ceremony: Congratulations for your Award!

Malang. The last agenda of The Third Indonesia International Invention Festival (I3F) 2020 was the Awarding Ceremony. The agenda was streamed on AKIA TV Youtube Channel and can be watched from the I3F Website on Saturday, September 19th. In this awarding ceremony, the I3F 2020 was officially closed, and there was an announcement about the winner from this festival. 

“In answer to the world, some hopes and struggle must be continued. I3F tries to be the best platform for the young generation to innovate. Thank you for being a history of The First Virtual Invention in Indonesia, We declare Indonesia International Invention Festival 2020 is officially closed,” said Benny Chandra Monacho, S.Si as a founder of Asosiasi Aku Indonesia (AKIA) and Yosef Infan Chandra, S.Si as a Chief Executive Officer of AKIA.

At the end of this awarding ceremony, the Master of Ceremony announced the participants that got an award, from Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, and Gold Medal. After all were announced, they continued to mention the nominee of the Best Poster, Best Video Project, Best Presentation, Best Active Interactive, and Best Favorite Invention Award. 

“For the Best Poster Award! Congratulation goes to SHOWER from Brawijaya University! For the Best Video Project, congratulation goes to Babelanja from Bangka Belitung! For the Best Presentation, congratulation goes to Smart Safety Elevator – Vandalism Prevention from SJK(T) LADANG SUNGAI WANGI II! For The Most Active Interactive, congratulation goes to Fish Anesthetic With Closed Transportation Method Based On Oxidized Hyoscyamin Compound In Amethyst Extract (Datura metel) As Analgesic And Saporific Drugs – MAN 1 Gresik! And for The Most Favorite Invention, congratulation goes to nβ-PEDENT – SMA Negeri 1 Sedayu,” announced the Master of Ceremony.

After that, there was also Special Award from the sponsors and I3F partners. The first is Ma-Chung Award that the winner of it is B-Lab from Universitas Negeri Malang. The second is an award from Indonesia Young Scientist Association (IYSA) that the winner of it is DIMITRI from MTsN 1 Kota Malang. Shower from Brawijaya University is the winner of the third award, AKIA Award. The last and the biggest award is I3F Grand Award that the winner of it is Audalane from Gadjah Mada Aerospace Team UGM.

All of the winners had already announced, all of the participants are expected to share their invention more and more. We hope that their innovation is not stuck at this time; they should improve and improve to be better and better. The Project Leader of I3F 2020 stated that she was thanking all participants for their time and effort. Finally, see you in The Fourth Indonesia International Invention Festival (I3F) 2021.

Written by Ulya Aziza Fitriya

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